Are you tired of blowing a fuse and not having a spare fuse? Ever think it was a good idea to put a penny behind a fuse? If you answer yes to either question, it is time to have your old fuse panel upgraded to a breaker panel. Contact us to discuss how affordable upgrading is for you and your family – and please do so before your husband reaches for the penny.



It is recommended that you have a licensed electrician inspect your electrical panel and system yearly to prevent issues. Connections should be checked to ensure they are tightened to the manufactures specifications, to ensure corrosion build up is not causing heat that can cause fires, and amperage and voltage readings taken to ensure your system is operating as it was designed.



As more equipment is added to homes, the size and capacity of your panel may need to be upgraded. Contact us today to schedule a time to review your needs and allow us to design the most cost effective approach to meet your needs.