Changing from incandescent and florescent lamps to LED lamps is  one of the easiest ways to save on your electrical bill. On top of the savings in electrical usage, you will save on maintenance cost due to the long life of LED lamps. In addition, LED lamps burn cooler so you will save on cooling bills during the months that require you to run the air conditioners. When you team LED lamps with simple energy management controls such as vacancy sensors the savings add up – and you don’t have to yell at the kids to turn the lights off.

Several power companies offer rebates for commercial companies to upgrade to LED lighting. The programs are government supported and have a limited amount of funds each year. Check with us to see if you are eligible for a rebate.

LED rebate example: A small office has 32 4’ four lamp fluorescent fixtures, 16 60 watt incandescent lamps and two exit lights that utilize incandescent lamps. Switching to 32 36 watt LED fixtures, 16 10 watt LED lamps and two LED exit signs could result in a 20,671 Kwh per year savings, provide $3,307 in incentive money to fund the project and have a full return on investment in 16.9 months. In under 17 months you could recoup all of your investment and would then be putting your savings in your pocket.


On top of energy and maintenance savings, studies have shown LED lighting is better for us and that children perform better in classroom learning.